Kickstarter Typeface Project

We’ve been talking about making a typeface for quite some time now, so after a bit of deliberation and some discussion with the folks at Kickstarter, we’re finally going to get things under way.

As well as being our first functioning typeface, this is also going to be a bit of an experiment. Our idea is to explore new methods in type creation, distribution and licensing using the online tools currently available to us. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting a few concepts up here for discussion, with the most popular design going on to be the basis for a Kickstarter project.

Anyone contributing to the Kickstarter project will receive the typeface, and there will be other rewards such as posters and booklets. We haven’t finessed the final details, but the general idea is to fund the creation of the typeface through Kickstarter so that it can be made freely available upon completion.

Seeing this is our first typeface, we’re going to play it safe with a display face to start with. Hopefully if this little experiment works out, we can look at getting a bit more ambitious with the next design.

We’re excited to give this a go, and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the idea and designs.

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